WomenInWeb3 Summit to Showcase the Talent of Vancouver's Women in Tech

Just in time to close out Women’s History Month a new event highlighting women in tech is coming to Vancouver this weekend. Put on by Erin Gee and her public-policy-plus-W3 newsletter d3crypto, WomenInWeb3 is a two-day event full of panels and talks from women sharing stories of their experience in the web3 space, along with masterclasses and info sessions to support local businesses and organizations.

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“As a tech writer, I look to shed light on issues important to marginalized communities. Through my work and research, the lack of women in Web3 has risen to the top as a key issue. Raising awareness of the industry, as well as the profile of women who were early adopters, is important to me. I constantly hear that Web3 is still such a new industry, which means that we need to get things right from the start,” Gee told Vancouver Tech Journal.

There is a lot to learn, and we have to start somewhere.

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Liv Diamond of Refraction DAO will moderate a session on funding opportunities available for startups. Refraction is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of art, culture and music enthusiasts from all around the world collaborating to create art and culture events, release NFT projects and produce a variety of written, visual and audio content. Borden, Ladner and Gervais, a deeply rooted Vancouver-based law firm, will offer a session on privacy, IP and corporate licensing considerations for businesses.

Attendees will also hear from women founders on why they made the move to Web3 and what they’ve created. Tricia Pang is the founder of Guava Girls, a community of entrepreneurs, parents and those new to Web3 to connect, grow and learn about blockchain. She’ll give a talk on why she left her corporate job for the world of Web3.

The keynote will feature internationally recognized NFT consultant Megan Nilsson, (aka Crypto Megan) discussing women’s role in Web3 and giving a workshop on how businesses can leverage Web3 technology.

In support of her goal to get more women in Web3 and bolster the dismal stats around women’s representation in tech, Gee has announced a Women Founders’ Scholarship, allowing founders to be nominated to attend the event free of charge. Nominate yourself or your colleagues here.

Visit womeninweb3summit.ca to get your pass and see the full list of speakers and panelists, and pop over to Vancouver Tech Journal to get your 15% off discount code.


Day 1

Web3 Community Social

Kickoff day 1 at the networking social with fellow Web3 builders and sponsors.

Opening Remarks

Erin Gee, d3crypto

Lightning Talk: Building ownership opportunities for your followers

Olivia Lovenmark

Keynote: Breaking Boundaries Within Web3

Crypto Megan

It’s not all bad news in the world of Web3. The Web3 ecosystem is evolving rapidly, driven by advancements in blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the increasing adoption of NFTs. In this keynote, Crypto Megan will explore the key trends shaping Web3, including the rise of metaverse platforms, the emergence of decentralized social media, and the potential impact of Web3 on digital identity and privacy. She’ll also discuss the challenges and opportunities of building decentralized applications (dApps) and highlight the importance of interoperability and standardization in the Web3 space. Finally, Megan plans to examine the potential of Web3 to disrupt traditional business models and enable new forms of value creation and distribution – a preview for her masterclass on day 2 of the Vancouver Web3 summit.

Late Night Networking

Duchess Cocktails

Day 2

3:00 PM Doors Open

Web3 Welcome Social


Lightning Talk: Why I quite my corporate job for Web3


Masterclass: Leveraging Web3 Tech for Business

Crypto Megan (twitter)


Lightning Talk: Meet Leetcore

Talshyn Bolatova (LinkedIn)


Navigating The Funding Landscape for Women-Led Businesses

  1. Liv Diamond, RefractionDAO
  2. Pocket Sun, Sogal Ventures
  3. Anastasia Hambali, Boast


Privacy, IP, and Licensing for Web3 Startups, presented by BLG

  • Julie Bogle (LinkedIn), PartnerJennifer Archer, Partner – Licensing
  • Jacky Wong (LinkedIn), Counsel – Intellectual Property
  • Danielle Windt (LinkedIn), Associate – Privacy


Lightning Talk: Value of Community in Web3

Mitoshi, Humans of WoW


The Vancouver Women in Web3 at Tech's Frontier


Closing Web3 Social

Event partners:

  • Organizer: d3crypto
  • Host: entrepreneurship@UBC
  • Gold: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Silver: Aquanow, Black Women Business Network
  • Bronze: HIBIT, Invoke
  • Supporting: Acorn Interactive, Finhaven, VanHack, Tamba, Talk ShopMedia
  • Partner: Vancouver Tech JournalCommunity partners: Webcouv3r, Frontier Collective, ethos NFT, NFT BC, Blockchain North, and Canada Web3 Council

Want to get involved and support female and diverse founders?

 Get in touch with Erin Gee: womeninweb3summit@gmail.com

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