Beyond the Screen: Understanding the Broader Impact of UX Design - Shubham Agarwal

On March 21 & 22, 2023 I attended Geekle’s UX/UI Design Summit 2023 webinar along with my coworker and Front End Developer Erin Flegg.

Here are some highlights from Shubham's presentation. Thanks to all the presenters for sharing their knowledge and resources.

The Iceberg Problem Map. The key to solving problems is to get to the bottom of the iceberg. (


Don’t always just focus on end users, because in reality, they are not the only users. For example, when we consider the problem of global food waste, it’s not only the end user (the consumer of the food products) who is the problem. The entire socio-economic system is complicit: governments, food producers, food manufacturers, restaurant industries, political lobbyists, etc.

Designing is meant to solve problems. And when addressing those problems we should be considering the entire extent and depth of the problem, not just the surface.

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