OneTrust Application In Healthcare

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OneTrust is a platform that helps organizations manage their privacy, data governance, and compliance needs. OneTrust offers various products and integrations that can be useful for healthcare applications, such as data discovery and classification, data access governance, data risk mitigation, DataGuidance Research, and third-party risk management. OneTrust also provides integrations with popular healthcare applications, such as Epic, Cerner, Salesforce Health Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare, to enable seamless data governance and privacy management across different platforms 1,2, and 3.

OneTrust’s Data Discovery & Classification product helps healthcare organizations discover and classify their sensitive health data across different systems and sources, and apply appropriate protection and retention policies. OneTrust’s Data Access Governance product helps healthcare organizations monitor and control who has access to their health data, and detect and remediate any unauthorized or excessive access. OneTrust’s Data Risk Mitigation product helps healthcare organizations assess and mitigate the risks associated with their health data processing activities, such as data breaches, cyberattacks, or regulatory violations. OneTrust’s DataGuidance Research product helps healthcare organizations stay updated on the latest privacy and security developments and best practices in the healthcare sector, and access expert guidance and analysis on various topics and jurisdictions. OneTrust’s Third-Party Risk Management product helps healthcare organizations manage and monitor the risks posed by their third-party vendors and partners that handle their health data, and ensure compliance with contractual and regulatory obligations.

Acorn Interactive works closely with our clients to understand the industry requirements for security and privacy. Platforms like OneTrust integrate beautifully with any number of software stacks, but require planning and deliberation to ensure that the right products, dependencies, and integrations are setup to achieve the business goal.

Digital regulatory compliance, like accessibility and encryption, are ways organizations can demonstrably build trust with their visitors and daily active users. Ensuring systems are setup to securely handle data while leveraging third party solutions to assist with the ever evolving legislative environments surrounding data use, data privacy, cookies, artificial intelligence, should never be considered nice to have. These affordances should be considered as prerequisite to a modern software application. 

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