Meet Sam: New Face, New Opportunities

Let’s first look back at where he is from.

Born in Montreal, Samuel was raised in the diverse and French culture of this artsy city. He learned how to play hockey, soccer and basketball at a young age and was always surrounded by sport activities. Joining multiple sport leagues at a young age, Samuel was always a competitor and not afraid to take risks in order to win and go to his objectives. Before entering highschool, his first creative passion of music started by playing guitar. He took guitar lessons because of being inspired by Guitar Hero 3, one of his favourite video games at that time. His aspirations were to become a neurologist when he was young but then was shifted towards health science in high school.

Once highschool started,

He moved to Oakville Ontario where he began to master English as his second language and gained an interest in Kinesiology which he pursued at the University of Toronto. Throughout his Kinesiology studies, his passion in healthcare and the clinic environment began to fade away. As he graduated from Kinesiology, Samuel couldn’t find opportunities in his field and found diverse roles in Customer Service in the Healthcare, Finance/leasing and Agriculture industry. This taught him a lot of great values and soft communication skills such as patience, attention to details and creating value by under promising and over delivering. Throughout his journey in customer service, his creativity was always in the back of his mind. In the beginning of 2019, he released his very first album called “New Beginnings” where the main topics were his struggles on anxiety and stress throughout university and his aspirations to achieve bigger goals and projects as an artist.

His professional photography

Started in April 2019 when visiting San Diego, California. Samuel decided before the trip to invest in his photography equipment especially if he is going to a very beautiful destination out of Canada. Moving forward to 2021, as Samuel kept working in the corporate world he decided to travel to Vancouver, BC with a great friend and this is where everything changed. He could no longer work in customer service remotely and handle visiting a new city/experiencing the full experience of the culture.

After leaving Customer Service,

He went on an incredible journey to Garibaldi Lake in Squamish,BC and climbed up to Panorama Ridge Trail where he realized that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. A 14hr hike with 2km of elevation and 30km of total distance while on 3 hours of sleep & being hungover, Samuel did something that most could not do that day.

That’s when he decided to work on ST4M1NA full time; a photography company with a vision to empower the hospitality and real estate industry through art projects & unique photography projects. Throughout his journey building ST4M1NA, Samuel found his clients while traveling and going to networking events often. By consistently networking with various individuals in different industries, he managed to learn a lot of life lessons, business tips and new opportunities he couldn’t even imagine of. One of them was Acorn Interactive.

He first met Mitch Budreski (Founder of Acorn Interactive)

At the Quantum Miami conference in Miami Florida: a cryptocurrency and blockchain event that happens every year in January. Samuel organized an intimate event to gather entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals to support each other and discuss ideas and ways to build with one another. Samuel was looking for a sales job as photography & art with ST4M1NA was slow and he wanted to test his creative ways of building relationships in the tech industry. After a couple of follow ups between Mitch and Samuel, that’s when he was put to the test: Vancouver Startup week.

During Vancouver start-up week, Samuel met a lot of quality people and entrepreneurs across the board. He really enjoyed working with Mitch and decided it was time to make it official and be full time with Acorn Interactive.

Notable People in the pictures below

Laura Fortey: COO / Co-Founder at REITIUM

Anas Hoque: Embedded Partnerships at MessageBird

Karen Richard: CEO and Co-Founder of Made Live

Mitch Budreski: Founder of Acorn Interactive

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