Calgary's tech scene: Competition or complementary


Neeraj Gupta, former chief strategy officer at Attabotics (just raised $95M); co-founder at Lawcubator; and investor with 29 investments ($50k to $1M cheque sizes).

Megan Zimmerman, director of business development, Calgary Economic Development

John McDonald, investment advisor, Invest Alberta

James Matthews, staff writer, Canadian Tech Journal

Presenting partners:

Invest Alberta - Invest Alberta Corporation (IAC) works directly with investors globally to start up or scale up in Alberta, Canada. With teams in Calgary and Edmonton along with 11 international locations in key markets, we connect industry, government partners, and economic development organizations and offer seamless services that make it easy for investment to flow into the province. With a strong entrepreneurial culture, we are taking new and innovative approaches to expedite the process of doing new business in Alberta.

Calgary Tech Journal - While the energy sector is still a major player in the local economy, the technology industry has seen a massive boost in recent years. According to data released by LinkedIn in April 2022, Calgary had the fastest growth of tech talent in North America in the past year.

Reach out today and let's start planning a roadmap for your next idea - whether that's getting a proof of concept over to investors, or creating digital infrastructure and user experiences that will wow your customers.

Calgary and Alberta are taking several steps to enhance technological innovation, including:

Investing in research and development: The government of Alberta has committed to investing in research and development in key areas such as energy, environment, health, and advanced technology. This includes providing funding and support to universities, research institutions, and private companies working on innovative projects.

Fun Fact:

Acorn just got back from Miami learning about quantum optimization systems from D-Wave, a Burnaby based quantum computing company. Areas like establishing stakeholders, success criterium, and technical requirements are great fields of R&D to participate in as regional partners. Take a look at our field notes from the conference!

Encouraging entrepreneurship:

The city and province are working to create an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation. This includes providing funding and resources to startups and promoting collaboration between the private sector, government, and academia.

Did you know?

Women are going to play a huge part in the economic transition. Our sales director Marli Anderson did a deep dive with a number of industry stakeholders to learn about the 5w's of effective mentoring.

Building a skilled workforce:

The city and province are investing in education and training programs to build a skilled workforce in areas such as technology, engineering, and data science. This is essential to attract and retain innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Brent Hogarth (twitter @BrentHogarth ) did a great speaker series about championing team flow states from a diverse suite of industry professionals, CEO's, and neuroscientists. Great considerations for desirable outcomes in developing skilled workforces.

Supporting Innovation Hubs:

The city and province are investing in creating innovation hubs, which are physical spaces that bring together entrepreneurs, researchers, and other stakeholders to collaborate and share resources. These hubs provide access to funding, mentorship, and other resources that can help startups and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market.

Benchmarks are everything

We attended a multi-day seminar with leading American investors across technology spaces. We catalogued key notes from the event here, along with the types of industry verticals Canadian's can align with to find adequate resourcing for their initiatives!

Attracting talent:

The city and province are working to attract talented individuals with the skills required to drive innovation in the area. They are also working to make Calgary and Alberta attractive places for people to live and work, with a focus on affordability, quality of life, and cultural diversity.

With so much interest in the blockchain...

Acorn attended quantum Miami to learn about the ways in which we can resource our projects, and recruit team members to build out awesome initiatives. Cryptographic networks and the blockchain provide amazing solutions for reimbursing local talent, while provisioning the expertise of international stakeholders with high degrees of specialization. The future is bright!

It is important to note that innovation is a complex and ongoing process and that these steps are just a few of the ways that Calgary and Alberta are working to enhance technological innovation in the region.

How can we help?

Acorn can potentially help Calgary's tech scene by providing support to early-stage startups through investment, mentorship, and network connections. By investing in promising technology companies, Acorn can help these businesses get the resources they need to grow and succeed. Additionally, Acorn can connect startups with experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who can provide guidance and advice on various aspects of building and scaling a successful technology business. Through these efforts, Acorn can help to cultivate a vibrant and thriving technology ecosystem in Calgary, which can attract more investment and talent to the city, and contribute to its economic growth.

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