A Case Study:

See Ya Later Ranch

This Okanagan winery was looking to reach a new audience with an online shop that would showcase their wide variety of wines while also drawing wine-lovers into their high-end restaurant and wedding venue. The wine and the amenities needed to be two distinct offerings, but the connection between them needed to be seamless.


The See Ya Later Ranch Marketing team had several new goals

for the website redesign. We worked very closely with them to determine the direction, focus, and significant upcoming shifts in branding that directed the style of the new site.

For this project, we reviewed and analyzed the products, the wine varietals themselves, to build the color matching concept for the User Interface to come.

Information Architecture & User Experience

Because the online shop would be handled with third-party integrations

and the rest of the site would be hosted by SYLR, we mapped out all the required content and separated it into the right boxes. Then came user flows for the ranch’s new target markets to get a solid understanding of how both wine shoppers and wedding planners would move through the site. At every stage we looked for ways to cross-promote services while still recognizing distinct differences between the two groups.

Design & prototyping

First we designed a complete web style guide

that included an extensive colour palette to convey the unique characteristics of each vintage in the online shop. We used a combination of Sketch App and Invision to mock up responsive pages and create a simple pipeline for the clients to leave feedback and review updates before development began.

development & databasing

As the SYLR staff would need to be very hands-on with content creation,

we worked closely with them to dial in post types and custom fields to meet their needs.We began by building out static pages for the clients to view, and then walked them through creating content in the dashboard so they could in turn help us better understand their final requirements. The resulting templates are clean and flexible, and easy to manage. Additionally, we provided training and education for various degrees of expertise to ensure all stakeholders would be comfortable with the functionality of the CMS and the site in general.

Conclusions & Insights

See Ya Later Ranch knew they had much more to offer than what visitors could find on their old website. We added marketing support and web strategy to make sure their services are clear and accessible to customers, while preserving their brand identity. Ease of use, and user training/education were paramount to ensure the turn-key site could be self-maintained for the long term.

Technologies used:

Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, SASS, Browserstack, Google Remarketing Tag, Google Analytics, Tailwind CSS, Nginx, jQuery, Isotope

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