A Case Study:

Railtown Catering

Railtown Catering engaged Acorn’s service in early 2019 for a second WordPress website redesign. They had a simple site listing menus and static information; together we reimagined a new site inclusive of venue listings, extensive photo galleries, clean and easy to easy-to-navigate menus, and the addition of an eCommerce platform built-in WooCommerce. The Ecommerce store provided an avenue to increase holiday package sales by at least 40% since launch.


Being so familiar with the brand - we were at a huge advantage

with our discovery process as per the look, feel, and presentation of assets were concerned.

Armed with this knowledge we were able to dive into securing details surrounding the WooCommerce storefront and the various options offered to both visitors and internal administrators.

Information Architecture & User Experience

The existing site is built on Wordpress, so it made sense to build the shop using Woocommerce.

We extended functionality with the Product Addons plugin to handle the order customization and the associated calculations. This meant a much smaller learning curve for the admin, along with faster delivery of the final system.

Design & Prototyping

We took this opportunity to update the Railtown style guide

and extend it so the new ordering flow would look seamless and function intuitively to both new and returning customers. The project also gave us the opportunity to introduce Railtown to Invision and get them familiar with our design feedback workflow.

Development & Databasing

Thanksgiving sales for Railtown mean a lot of traffic and a LOT of turkeys ordered.

We developed a simplified shipping/order system in Wordpress to vastly improve customer experience and operational efficiency, without adding the complexity of integrating a new piece of software. A new Content Delivery Network (CDN) was implemented to keep the site running and stable during the anticipated traffic spike; such as when the packages were featured on local news channels.

Conclusions & Insights

The new system rolled out just in time for Thanksgiving, and Turkey To Go was very well received by the customer base, this site has experienced a massive uptick in visitation since launch and frequently has to surge its visitation capabilities to service the quantity of users accessing the site at once. The package sales increased by 40% with the application of the new eCommerce technology on their site.

We value building long-term relationships with our clients, it was a true compliment to not only build their Railtown Cafe website, but also redesign and launch this Railtown Catering website. We truly look forward to watching this company grow and being here for its next big project.

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Technologies Used:

WordPress Custom Order/Shipping Module, WooCommerce, Google Hosted Libraries, PHP, Google Remarketing Tag, SkyVerge, Matomo Analytics, jsDelivr, MySQL, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, FancyBox, Nginx, Site Kit, Ninja Forms

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