A Case Study:

Modmo E-Bikes

Unbound Sports Media Inc. became the first franchisee for the international E-Bike Brand, MODMO. As soon as they were confirmed to import the e-bikes into Canada, they engaged Acorn’s services to build an initial landing page. Marketing the new products was the first priority, and having a simple site that provides the visitor with: product information, a form to complete to sign up for the newsletter, and an email domain was top priority to ensure no marketing opportunity was missed.


MODMO International has its website built completely in Shopify.

Our task was to learn how they captured the different plugins to execute their multiple pages. We onboarded with their Director of Digital Marketing and received all necessary graphics, images, logos, and the style guide to begin plotting our own version of their website.


While we were essentially copying over MODMO International’s theme,

we needed to make special considerations for the new Canadian website and online store. It was a high priority to ensure that all links on the site were re-routed to the Canadian site so that our client, Unbound Sports Media, wasn’t losing their visitors to the international website. We worked with MODMO International to implement a geo-location-based redirection to ensure users see the appropriate information for their region, ie. Canadian dollars versus Euro’s and the correct pricing and taxes associated with the product they are shopping for.


We built the new Shopify site page by page,

adding each important aspect one step at a time. The news articles are set up in a blog format so the Client Administrator can easily upload new images, content, and links to keep the website fresh and up to date. We did extensive training with Unbound Sports Media’s Administration team so that they can continue the site upkeep for all content as their business grows.


Refactoring the original custom theme

was the bulk of the development effort here. The starting point was a heavily customized theme that had not been touched in quite a while. As the original developers were no longer in the picture, this was a matter of investigating, updating, customizing, and generally reworking the starting point to become a fully customized sales and promotional Shopify site specifically geared to Modmo.ca preorders. We leaned on Pagefly heavily for the media rich blog posts and for custom layouts that really make the bikes stand out. Additionally, Klaviyo is used for email templates and customer journey layouts, and Globo Pre-Order plugin to extend Shopify's default handling of not-yet in stock inventory.

Conclusions & Insights

The new Modmo.ca site is now live and accepting preorders for the Model S as they await inventory arriving in Canada! This is an exciting stage for any business and we are eagerly anticipating new products arriving and the launch of full e-commerce operations. With the updated custom Shopify store, adding addtional inventory, and generally transitioning from pre-order to full product release will be a cinch.

Technologies Used:

Shopify, Globo App, GitHub, Klaviyo, PageFly, OurCart

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