Role Of AI In UX Design - Shaheer Malik

On March 21 & 22, 2023 I attended Geekle’s UX/UI Design Summit 2023 webinar along with my coworker and Front End Developer Erin Flegg.

Here are some highlights from Shaheer’s presentation. Thanks to all the presenters for sharing their knowledge and resources.

Shaheer Malik

Here are some of Shaheer’s recommended AI Tools:

Pollfish - UX research

Visily - wireframing, moodboards

MidJourney - UX Design - A/B Testing

Throughout the Summit webinar, the subject of Artificial Intelligence kept cropping up. It seemed like a definite theme among a group of UX/UI designers who are likely posing existential questions to themselves during our increasingly uncertain times.

Here are some reassuring words of wisdom from some of the presenters:

Marina Herrmann:

AI is a great tool, but it tends to exclude the USER from the process.

Ioannis Nousis:

In a way, AI is a medium (much like printing, photography, etc…), let’s not forget that….Meaning, it’s not necessarily a product that is going to replace designers, but a tool for them to use.

Darren Hood:

One thing chat GTP will not replace is user stories.

Daniel Danielyan:

AI cannot make decisions…Can it access a database? Yes!

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